A Festivus Grievance and Free Mittens

On December 23, communications professionals gathered virtually to celebrate Festivus. The event, hosted by internal communications community ICology, was an homage to the snarky holiday that originated on the sitcom Seinfeld where loved ones gather to air their grievances, share feats of strength, and the only decoration needed to celebrate the occasion is a metal pole.

The event began with a quick history of Festivus, followed by the reading of the original poem “The Night Before Content was Due,” by Adam Testa (where he delightfully rhymed office with F-this), and ended with grievances and feats. 

Having never formally celebrated Festivus before, I was unsure of the event’s proceedings. However, I did come prepared with my grievance.

That’s right, JV – junior varsity, wannabes, second string, benchwarmers. 

I find it incredibly unfortunate that in 2023 internal communicators are still vying for influence, longing to be taken seriously. Internal communication is an incredibly important function in any organization seeking to connect its people to its mission, vision, and values. In case you need more convincing, internal communications app Staffbase published “7 Reasons Internal Communication Is Important for Success.” 

The first reason listed? Providing a Sense of Purpose

The list continues with six more compelling reasons internal communications shouldn’t be seen as “JV,” but the first reason alone is enough to gain influence in an organization (in my opinion). 

It’s not my nature to air a grievance without a solution. So, if you find yourself with “Gain Influence” on your 2023 resolutions list, here are a couple of resources to help:

“But what does this have to do with mittens,” you ask.

Not a lot, but it made for a catchy title. 

For airing my grievance, I was gifted the most beautiful mittens handmade by host Kristin Hancock’s grandmother. They were the Christmas gift I didn’t know I wanted!

Interested in ICology? Learn more here!

One response to “A Festivus Grievance and Free Mittens”

  1. Not sure I understood the event, and I rarely watched Seinfeld, but it is great you were able to communicate your heart concerning IC. You do have a passion for it.

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