Meta Women’s Network Spotlight

I started as the Marketing Coordinator at Meta on November 9, 2015. I was drawn to Meta by our humanitarian mission and reputation as a community bank. Meta has given me the opportunity to be a part of an amazing team and work alongside some of the best in the industry. 

Before Meta, I worked as an event coordinator for a marketing agency in Sioux Falls. My events included tradeshows such as the GonnaGetWed Bridal Show, the Sioux Empire Arts and Crafts Show and Benson’s Flea Market. Before that, I spent two years in non-profit public relations.

My husband and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary in October. Caleb works at Avera in the laboratory running lab tests, finding cancer, and processing blood bank orders. We enjoy snow skiing, traveling and our time to “Netflix and Chill.” 

Outside of Meta, I have a hard time keeping busy. In November, I started volunteering as a Diplomat with the SF Area Chamber of Commerce serving Chamber members in whatever capacity they need. I am currently on the board of the Husby Performing Arts Center at the Washington Pavilion, so let me know if you want a specific Broadway show to come to Sioux Falls! I am also part of Junior League of Sioux Falls, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting voluntarism, developing women and impacting our community. During the winter, my “side hustle” is cheer coaching at Sioux Falls Christian. I am also involved with my church, The Ransom, on Sunday mornings. So yeah, not too busy.

A defining moment in my career was last Spring. I was fortunate enough to go through the Embe Women’s Leadership Program. This life changing program introduced me to some amazing women who became confidants and true friends. The program revolves around a final project, your Professional Development Plan (PDP). Creating my PDP was a labor of love. I spent the first half of my printed PDP defining “who I am,” knowing that no matter where my profession takes me, I will always be me. The second half was harder, setting specific goals. I decided to set specific short term and long term professional goals and included personal goals as well. It was truly an amazing program that I would recommend for all professional women.

The person who inspires me the most is my mom (I promised myself I wouldn’t cry). Through her personal and professional life, she has taught me resilience, hard work, and faithfulness. Without knowing it, she’s taught me the most about work-life balance and the myth of “having it all.” Being raised by a professional has truly been a blessing because I always believed I could do anything I set my mind to, a luxury not every young woman is given. I’ve also admired her for the seamless way she always integrates her faith into her professional life, a task often difficult in today’s culture. I’m so thankful for my mom and her influence in my life.

I am so humbled to have been asked to share a little about myself, and I hope I didn’t bore everyone too much. I love working at Meta and feel so blessed to be a part of MWN, surrounded by dynamic and innovative women!

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