9 Pieces to 9 Outfits, Summer Edition

This is my second installment of “9 Pieces to 9 Outfits.” I tailored the pieces I chose for summer wear and purchased a couple new items to showcase. But really, the cool part about this series is that 7 out of the 9 pieces featured I already had in my closet. Hopefully you’ll find this season’s “9 Pieces to 9 Outfits” useful! Let me know.


1.       Hot pink cardigan, similar found here
2.       Rose blouse, similar found here
3.       Navy dress, similar found here
4.       White tee, similar found here
5.       Printed blouse, found here
6.       Pink blazer, similar found here
7.       Navy skirt, similar found here
8.       Jeans, found here
9.       Khaki ankle pants, similar found here

Day 1: Navy Dress
Navy Dress

Day 2: Pink Blazer, White Tee, Jeans
White Tee

Day 3: Printed Blouse, Khaki Ankle Pants
Printed Blouse

Day 4: Rose Blouse, Navy Skirt
Rose blouse

Day 5: White Tee, Hot Pink Cardigan, Navy Skirt
Navy Lace Skirt
Day 6: Pink Blazer, White Tee, Khaki Ankle Pants

Day 7: Navy Dress, Hot Pink Cardigan
Hot Pink Cardigan

Day 8: Printed Blouse, Navy Skirt
Navy Skirt

Day 9: Rose Blouse, Khaki Ankle Pants
Rose & Blush

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