13 Spring Date Ideas

Spring weather in South Dakota can be pretty unpredictable. Finding things to do with your significant other isn’t always easy. Here’s a list of date ideas perfect for South Dakota springs, just remember to grab that light jacket!

  1. Trip to the Zoo- Spring at the Zoo can be so fun. Many animals have been in their winterized habitats all winter, so springtime finds them full of energy and ready for visitors.
  2. Plant a Garden- I’m definitely not the expert on gardening, but my research shows that the best time to plant your garden is in May. The most important thing to remember in South Dakota is that we still have freezing overnight temperatures into April, so waiting until May to plant will ensure your garden’s success.
  3. Run a 5K- Spring is perfect 5K season. Many non-profits schedule their races for the spring months. Lace up your shoes together and race for a cause that you’re both passionate about.
  4. Driving Range- If you’re an avid golfer, hit the course. But if you’re like me and find 18 holes a little too much of a commitment, the driving range is perfect. Work on your form and enjoy a beverage together.
  5. Garage Sale- In Sioux Falls, Spring is “garage sale” season. Whether or not you “need” anything is irrelevant when garage sale shopping. Spend some time together rummaging through other people’s stuff they’re selling. You’re sure to get a good laugh, if not a bargain!
  6. Baseball Game- Ah yes, America’s favorite past time is perfect in the spring months when every team is still in the running for the crown! Hopefully you and your “other” cheer for the same team otherwise this date may get tense.
  7. Take a Drive- Travel parts of town that you never get to. Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble upon a new favorite restaurant!
  8. Volunteer- Spend a day devoted to cause you both care about. Help with a non-profit event, clean out your closet and donate the clothes to a ministry, or pick up litter. Every little bit helps!
  9. Craft Fair/Flea Market- Spring is a great season to check out the local craft shows and flea markets. You’ll never know what you will find!
  10. Bike Ride- Sioux Falls has an amazing bike trail! I would just make sure to check the forecast because the northwest side of town can be a challenge when it’s windy.
  11. Pottery Painting- This one is for the “creatives.” Paint “his” and “her” mugs, or pick out the piece you want and have your “other” paint it and you paint their choice of pieces.
  12. Theatre Performance- Most high school and college theatre performances occur in the spring, a perfect chance for you and your “other” to get dressed up and support local theatre. The national touring shows and community theatres also have their last performances in the spring before they take the summers off.
  13. Parade of Homes/Home Show- If you’re in the market for a house or just want some new ideas on how to spruce up your existing one, checking out home shows is the perfect date activity!

Did I miss any? Leave a note in the comments to let me know your favorite springtime date activity!

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