A Heart Broken for What Breaks His: Zambia, Here We Come!

“No. ”

That was my answer I gave when Caleb asked if we could consider not taking our vacation this year to travel to Zambia on a missions trip with our church. I knew in that moment, God was working in Caleb’s heart, but the idea of giving up my second honeymoon was unthinkable.

Caleb and I went on a modest honeymoon with the expectation of jet-setting to a tropical location for our one-year anniversary. The anticipation of leaving the Midwest behind for a romantic week in the sun was exciting. We researched resorts, cruise ships, and excursions. I loved our modest honeymoon, but the trip to Wisconsin left me with a sense of entitlement. I felt as though we DESERVED our dream vacation.

So I replied “no” after Caleb asked me to give up our dream vacation, and we didn’t talk about Zambia after that. The case was closed, or so I thought.

Three months later, an announcement was made for the Zambia informational meeting in church. What happened next cannot be explained except by divine intervention. The Lord stirred and changed my heart for Zambia.

Was I really willing to spend thousands of dollars on a frivolous vacation when God was so clearly opening the doors for a missions trip to Zambia? Clearly, God had begun the process for the Cooke’s going to Zambia in Caleb’s heart back in January. Knowing God’s plan is always best, I knew I could no longer stand in the way.

za_map2So we are going to Zambia!

Poetice International has a ministry arm that combats a problem that is very close to my heart: human exploitation. Exploitation takes many forms—sexual slavery, indentured servitude, forced begging, prostitution, even black market trade of body parts. Children of very poor families are often traded like commodities to work as slaves in wealthier homes. Others may take housekeeping jobs where the rent charged by their employers is higher than the salary they receive. Commonly, young men and women will voluntarily enter sexually exploitative relationships out of economic desperation, but if a person’s only choices are starvation or sex, can such a relationship truly be considered voluntary? I would argue, no, not at all.

I am trusting the Lord in our travels to Zambia, knowing that He will “equip [us] with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever.” (Hebrews 3:2)

Will you join us in prayer as we prepare to travel to Zambia this November? We would greatly appreciate it!

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