I’m not a social media expert, but it is my opinion that the hashtag is wildly misused.

Agree or disagree?

To put it simply, a hash tag is simply a way for people to search for a common topic and to begin a conversation. It’s a way to link tweets or posts by topic.

A good hashtag is NOT:

  1. Repetitive: “Oh my goodness, I just saw Justin Bieber! #justinbieber”
  2. A sentence: #ijustwantedtoletyouknowthatthisisnotagoodhashtag
  3. Mandatory: Don’t feel like you need to put just anything in a hashtag after your tweet. Be thoughtful.
  4. Spelled wrong: There’s nothing worse than a misspelled hashtag.

And what would a hashtag blog post be without the funniest hashtag parody? Enjoy!

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