My Testimony as a Pro-Life Advocate

This week marks the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision which paved the way to legalized abortion in the United States. The following is a memoir of my time serving at the Alpha Center, Sioux Falls’ pro-life ministry. I hope that after you read this testimony, you will be encouraged and empowered to take a stand for LIFE!

Upon graduating from college, I moved home and begun the task appointed to all college graduates wishing not to continue their education: looking for a job. I took a part-time job as a sales associate at the mall and spent all my free time filling out online job applications, writing cover letters and networking. With every interview, I prepared meiticlously– printing several copies of my resume on resume paper, practicing interview questions and making sure my outfit was as professional as possible. This process soon became discouraging as I watched my close friends start their “big kid” jobs and put their college education to work. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I continued to work part time and slap a smile on my face to pretend that I wasn’t hurt that I hadn’t gotten a call back from any number of my potential positions.

In October of 2011, God took ahold of my heart and saved me from my thoughts of failure. He told me that even though I wasn’t working forty hours a week and being paid a salary that I still was valuable, that my expirience and education could still be useful.

That’s when God brough me to the Alpha Center, the crisis pregnancy center in Sioux Falls that seeks to bring hope to young men and women that find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. I applied as a volunteer and was so excited when I was told that I could be used as a client advocate.

My second day at the Alpha Center is when God’s plan came to a head. As I was on my way to the kitchen to get my sandwhich for lunch, I past a group of people talking. I didn’t want to disrupt, so I tried to sneak by as discretely as possible. From behind me I hear, “I think there’s someone I need to meet.” Embarassed that the voice behind me was talking about me, the obvious newgirl, I turned around to introduce myself. Turns out I had just snubbed the Founder, Leslee Unruh. She asked me about myself and I explained my situation as a part-time sales associate post-grad wanting to spend my free time doing something that furthered the Kingdom. She ushered me into her office and what happened next was nothing but providence from the Most High.

Leslee explained that there was a position avalable at the Alpha Center.

In December, a client came through the doors of Alpha Center wanting information on the morning-after-pill. I immidiately saw that she was in distress and needing comfort. Our volunteer client advocate was with a scheduled client so I decided to see the woman myself. I ushered her into a room and said a prayer before even opening my mouth knowing that if I were going to counsel this woman, it was going to have to be God’s words instead of mine. I asked her about her situation and between sobs she told me her heart-breaking story. She had made a mistake two nights before by getting drunk and having unprotected sex with a guy that she had only known a little while. She explained that she had tried to text him several times, but he had just blown her off. Not wanting to deal with the reality of the previous evening, she just wanted to take the morning-after-pill just to erase the possibilty of her getting pregnant since she was already the single mother of a 3-year-old. I could tell how hurt she was just by the rejection of this guys who she had so freely given her heart to. My heart broke for her, knowing that only God could heal the kind of hurt she was feeling. I expressed that the Alpha Center does not distribute any type of birth control, but asked if I could tell her a little more about the morning-after-pill before she made her decision. I then took a brochure on “Plan B,” and we went thorugh it together page-by-page. She asked questions about the pill and its effects and by God’s grace, I answered. I explained that even though she regrets her decision, no life is a mistake. God has a plan and a purpose for every life even at 48 hour jestation.  She agreed. I prayed with her and she left.

Skip ahead nine months and a baby boy was brought into the world. As her client advocate, I went to the hospital to see them. My heart swelled and my lips could not stop praising God as I saw the young woman who had had seen in tears nine months previous, now holding her new born son. I had the amazing privledge of holding the baby that was saved by God and by Alpha Center. “Lord take me now,” I prayed. “If my purposing in living was to make sure little Kaiden was given life, then I have fulfilled and can enter your presence knowing I lived in your will.”

Only through Jesus can a wretched sinner come to glory and be given the opportunity to save a life. Thank you, Jesus, for the Alpha Center and the life-saving work that the ministry does.

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