“Color Me Beautiful”

Ever since I can remember, the women in my family have lived by a code: “Color Me Beautiful.” The retro-looking book was passed from girlfriend to girlfriend as my mother would testify to the book’s genius. She indoctrinated my sister and I and the cycle continued. When the book would get too worn to read or get inevitably lost in a friend’s possession, we would go to Barnes & Noble and buy another. It was a brilliant rite of passage when I received my own book as a graduation present. Since then, it’s been a personal mission of mine to make my friends(and sometimes strangers) aware of their “season.”

So what’s YOUR season?

The easiest way to find out your season is to first find your undertone: silver or gold? Now, this isn’t a question of which one you LIKE better, but which LOOKS better. The easiest way to this is to put a silver and gold ring on your finger and see which ring brightens or dulls with your skin tone. Once you’ve found your undertone, ask yourself the following question based on the answer to the first question:

  • Gold. Do I look better in peach or mustard yellow?
  • Silver. Do I look better in black or mauve?

Why peach, mustard yellow, black and mauve? Each are a color specific to one season. Have those questions answered. Here ‘s the big reveal:

  • Gold, peach= SPRING
  • Gold, mustard= AUTUMN
  • Silver, black= WINTER
  • Silver, mauve= SUMMER

Here are some pictures to help you decide for yourself!

Still having trouble? Let me know! I’d love to help you find your season, and the pallet of colors that best go with your undertones.

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