Blogs are NOT for Perfect People

Our generation has been called the “Me” generation. To evidence this, Oxford Dictionary claimed “selfie” the word of the year in 2013. Depression levels in those who spend ample amounts of time on social media are through the roof. They see everyone else’s lives around them as perfect, and of course comparatively theirs as less than desirable.

photoBut here I sit, typing my blog–the pot calling out her kettle generation for their “blackness” so to speak. But I wanted to use today’s blog post, not to demean my life, I’m incredibly blessed, but to use this virtual medium to “be real.”

This picture was taken over the summer. Caleb and I had just finished a run and I was making dinner. The chicken dish called for parmesan cheese, but alas it was all clumpy. As I began to shake the container, the lid came off and spewed cheese all over the kitchen. So there I stood with cheese on my face, in my hair, down my shirt. And like any loving fiancé would’ve done, Caleb used the opportunity to take a picture. We still have a good laugh over this memory.

This blog was not created to showcase my perfect life, because it would be a lie. I appreciate everyone of my readers and hope you are encouraged though authenticity. Be authentic, it’s freeing.

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  1. pamcooke says:

    does this mean I don’t have to scrub the house spotlessly clean for your visit? I hope so! looking forward to hosting the new Mr. and Mrs. Cooke!

    1. Absolutely! It’s your vacation too, let’s enjoy it!

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