ViBella Jewelry

This past Thursday evening, I was invited to a ViBella Jewelry party hosted by sister-in-law. Let’s be honest, please. Who actually likes getting invited to sales networking parties? I don’t know of many people. Most women will host parties for their friends as an excuse to get together(like we ever NEED an excuse), but even then I feel like it’s done as a favor. So we go to these parties and feel bad if we don’t buy at least one spatula, make-up brush, smoothie kit, patterned handbag, etc. because buying something at a friend’s party is the only TRUE measurement of friendship(insert eye roll).
Now, this post was not about dogging the philosophy of sales networking, because whoever invented the business model pegged women spot-on. The purpose of this post was to share a little about ViBella. Although sold through sales networking, it’s a great product with an incredible mission!

“At the heart of our mission, Vi Bella impacts the lives of at-risk women in Haiti, Mexico, and the United States by providing them jobs which pay good wages in safe, encouraging work environments.  These women serve as our artists and inspiration.  Our Vi Bella artists “up-cycle” discarded plastic and glass bottles, metal bottle caps and paper, transforming them into unique, handmade jewelry that is truly a work of art.  We then invest all of our profit back into the artists’ communities, which brings the transformation full circle.
Vi Bella jewelry spreads love and fellowship across cultures by providing a sense of purpose that rejuvenates once-tattered lives.  You’re not just collecting a piece of Vi Bella, you’re helping create a beautiful life.”

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10b

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